Sia Furler

For this article I have chosen to talk about an artist who is still in my mind and will continue to dwell there for a long time. You may have heard this pop phenomenon on the charts but I can assure you, you wont get to “sia” on there…(collecting my dignity off the floor)  

I discovered the fantastic Sia Furler who is known professionally as just “Sia” a few years back after having “one of those days”. I was snuggled up in bed exploring the depths of you tube when a video popped up of her. I pressed play and I have not looked back. The first song I came across was the beautiful “I am in here”. I was in one of those self-pity holes we all tend to put ourselves in from time to time and this song just spoke to me emotionally, it was like eating Ben and Jerry after a break up, she knew how to fix it. 

I then discovered her newest album at the time, “1000 forms of fear”, which introduced me to the phenomenal song, chandelier. I was officially in love with a women who chose not to show her face. But  that was also a factor that intrigued me. After discovering the album I searched for the album artwork and her face, she was on her older album covers  (those i am not too fond of) but was missing from the newest. I was very confused just like the rest of the world. 

So I begun to dig up some background on the Aussie singer and was touched by her story. As it turns out Sia had overcome many struggles throughout her rise to fame including depression, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. I read  that she was terrified of performing and it got so bad that she couldn’t perform unless she was half plastered. And that is why she went into hiding, so to speak, so she can recover and get better. 

After coming clean she chose to use her talent, without being in the limelight, by writing songs for other artists, such as “Dimonds” which was sung by  Rhianna. However after a period of time Sia felt that some songs were not going to get heard unless she sung them and so the full frontal  wigged star returned to take back her throne.  

The disguise is so she can still have privacy but still enjoy the performing. How amazing is she to come up with the idea and to make it work? Now two albums in, her hiding in plain sight method has been proven to work and there is no signs of stopping her, which I am glad about. Prehaps there will be a tour soon? I can not wait so see what this songstress delivers next! 


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