Should “Pokemon Go” Go?

So, by now we have all heard of the app that has brought the late  90’s back into modern-day Britain; Pokémon Go. If you haven’t then here is a very basic outline; you download an app on your phone, create a “trainer” avatar and then set about finding the pesky Pokemon in your local area. The idea is to get up, get moving and to get out the house, and it has gone down a treat throughout the world.

Initially being released in America  and Australia, the much-anticipated augmented reality game has landed in The United Kingdom. I have never, ever been interested in Pokemon whilst growing up but I did download the app just out of curiosity. unfortunately however, I could not create a profile due to the high number of people doing the same thing and I think that says it all, the world is loving the Pokemon again, but at what cost?

The game itself forces you out into the world and presents you with multiple opportunities to interact with other potential game players. Just the other day a fellow teen seen me on my phone and stopped to ask if I had seen a Pokemon  (I forgot the name) on my walk around town. Before this game, that situation would not have happened at all demonstrating that the game positivly engages people. But why has it taken an mobile app for a stranger to approached me and want to engage in conversation?  Did we not have something to talk about before? Something has definitely changed for the better, but what happens when this fad dies out? Will people still interact or will everyone revert back to how it was? 

To me it, it seems that the game is selling itself on the social aspect and the health benefits it can produce, but in reality it is causing a lot of negative aspects too with people becoming stupid and loosing all common sense just to catch a Pokémon,  running in the middle of a road and causing accidents for example.  This app may have us physicaly interacting, but we are still living our life through our phones, even more so now as the games plays in real time in our real life. 

Comment below your views on the app that is taking the wold on an apparent epic adventure. 



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