A Beautiful Blesssing and an Ugly Curse

It is no secret that in today’s society something has been lost; commitment. Nobody seems to truly want to be committed to anything anymore, but I mean who can blame them?

Today, we live in a world full of choice. Everything has another option, which grocery store you shop at, what you wear and even how you wear it, these days we can not even commit to a mobile phone for longer then two years, we are looking for the what if’s in life. What if that shop has better deals? what if there is a better version of this elsewhere?. Everything has an upgrade and everything can be “better” which is great but  the fact that we have so much choice is, in my opinion,  A beautiful blessing and an ugly curse.

We are constantly looking for more and this ever-changing, fast paced way of life does not stop at the materialistic things in the world. I believe it is extending into the realms of relationships. I bet that while your reading this a name pops into your head of a person who can not stay in a committed relationship, a person who  has hopped from partner to partner like a game of musical chairs. I feel that most of my generation, and even in some of the older generations, we are looking for the “perfect”  in our lives and why not settle for less than perfect, right? If we can have our “perfect” homes and our “perfect” technologies , the next logical step is to have a “perfect” partner.  and why can we not have our “perfect” partner aswell? My answer is because you can’t build and program a person to be “perfect”.This is not saying you should lower your standards or just get with anyone, but people are not something you can buy from the apple shop, they have to be found in an emotional way and not just by a picture. 

 Tindr for example. It’s great fun swiping the hotties and sorting them from the notties, but the downfall comes when somebody matches you and you get talking. Instead of meeting that person for a simple friendly coffee in real life and allow yourself the commitment of getting to know a person before making any decisions, you will carry on swiping because “there might be sombody better”. That is what your thinking when you do it, you will find a fault with the person you match with via a picture and then try to find a better version, so you play the game again instead of taking the time to explore the aspects of person a face picture can’t portray, the aspects that could potentially be your closest version to your “perfect”.

I am not saying that choice is terrible and we should all only have one option, I am saying that choice is hindering our ability to commit to anything.  We are over-come with choice, so much that we don’t know what we want anymore and that is what makes life confusing. Maybe it’s time to stop looking and commit to what you really want. If you want to date that person;commit to it and go full on in and see what happens. If you want to go on holiday don’t wait to see if there is a cheaper alternative, commit to it and commit to work for it. That is how to be true and how to be sure, if it works it works, if not then you lost nothing but gained  knowledge that is sure, solid and sound..

Lets introduce commitment to a new generation. 



3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Blesssing and an Ugly Curse

  1. Hi Tom,

    I enjoyed reading this and I think you’re spot on. It reminds me of an psychology journal I read a couple of years ago that found people were happier with the choices they made if there were less things to choose from in the first place. A new phone, a partner, even a meal choice at a restaurant (as you say, there is more chance of ‘what if’ if there were more choices).

    Keep up the interesting blog dude 🙂


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