Double Trouble.

Standards. We all have them right? Well , it seems we all like them so much we keep doubling them.

As I have made my way through my teenage years, matured a little and became more self-aware (thank you university), I have come to the realization that I have double standards. And this realization has never been more true or as clear as it was the other night;

I had just got home late , around 11pm. It was hot outside so I had the  window wide open. My bedroom is at the back of the house but slowly a womans voice wafted through the night air from the direction of the main road at the front of the house, creeping closer and beginning to get louder untill it became clear she was upset. “Go away” she shouted amongst a stream of obscenities before her voice faded away again. At this point my ears picked up and my head was out the window to listen some more. The tone in her voice had been angry and all sorts of scenarios flooded my mind, what if she was being chased? followed? Who was she so determined to get away from? All sorts of things can happen these days.

I was worried and ready to put on my shoes and see if all was ok, so I carried on listening to the now silent night air; if I heard her again I would be down on the street like a dog to a bone. I waited a few minuets and nothing more was heard. I rationalized it out in my head, she could have had an argument with a friend or something like that and all was fine really. 

So, I carried on with getting changed and sorting things out when another loud voice echoed through the night. This time it was a mans voice. He was being swore at by another guy before their voices also trailed off. But I was not worried.

Why was it that I was ready to go out onto the street and help the woman, but I wasnt too concerned about the man?  Why did I think that the man would be ok, but the women could not handle her situation? Was it  because the stereotypes of “damsel in distress” and “macho men”  have been programmed into my head ever since I was born? Or was it my own subconscious trail of thoughts that led me to the double standard decision I subconsciously made?

I can not answer that for sure but since that night however, I have noticed a number of the people around me also have double standards that are used frequently.  Isn’t it quite frightening to think that so many principles and rules can be changed and used accordingly?

More recently I found double standards in the most non obvious place, Disney. There has been speculation for years that the Disney princess are too unrealistic with their constant slim figures. There has been calls for a more curvy character to make a debut. Well, the new Disney film , Moana, has received backlash and criticism after portraying a Polynesian god as, you guessed it, obese.  

If you have any of your own double standard stories please feel free to leave them below in the comments section.  



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