If you are reading this, you have survived 2016

Grab a coffee  triple JD and coke, step aboard this nostalgia train and visit the only 12 stops available…

What a historical year this has been! ‘Everything’ that could possibly of  happened in 2016 has happened. From horrific developments in the war over in Syria, to devastating natural disasters, this year has had the stench of death seeping throughout the world. Lets take a large gulp of our chosen beverages as we take a very brief month by month look back on the past year. 

In January 2016, ISIS made their first appearance of the year with two suicide bombers murdering 70 people in Damascus, Syria;  the first of many cowardly attacks in 2016 and It was revealed that the world of Tennis was suspected of match fixing in a report conducted by the BBC, which lead to the arrest of over 36 people. North Korea also conducted a nuclear test which caused a 5.1 earthquake  but in lighter news, January 2016 witnessed  Taiwan elect their first female president; Tsai Ing-wen.

February 2016 welcomed the beginnings of peace talks regarding Syria in light of the Damascus bombings, but as we all know, sadly nothing lasting came of it despite plans for a temporary cease-fire. As of February 2016,  470,000 people died since the war began in 2011.  In other parts of the world, the second month of the year seen another suicide bombing, this time in Nigeria and North Korea launched a satellite up into space. Great. 

March 2016 witnessed a U.S led airstrike kill more than 100 militants in Somalia and the arrest of one of the 2015 Paris attackers. History repeats however with Brussels and Pakistan becoming the latest victim of suicide bombings killing  32 people in Brussels and 72, mainly children in Pakistan. On a more positive note, Turkey stepped up and  agreed to help take in a number of migrants who were fleeing the increasing violence in the east and President Obama made history once again by embarking on a presidential visit to Cuba, the first in 88 years.

In April 2016,  U.S Secretary of state John Kerry made a diplomatic visit to the site of Hiroshima to lay wreaths in memorial, he is the highest ranking U.S official to ever  visit the site.  In Sanaa, Yemen a fresh cease-fire in the fighting between Houthis rebels and Yemeni forces  emerged after an individual was killed a few hours prior,  breaking the original cease fire that was in place.  This month also saw President Obama announce that he would authorise deployment of up-to 250 special forces troops to help Syria fight ISIS But 50 people were killed in Syria after an airstrike destroyed a Hospital in Aleppo, which nobody claimed responsibility for. 

May 2016 played host to three bombings in Baghdad which killed 80 people, injured many more and destroyed the surrounding buildings; Isis claimed responsibility.  Two of the 280 school girls who were kidnapped in April 2014 were found this month leaving a total of, at this point of the year, 218 girls still missing.  The fight against terrorism stepped up this month with the leader of the Afghanistan Taliban  being killed, to further this ISIS militants came under attack from the Iraqi army and U.S air protection. Speaking of the U.S, President Obama made history again by Visiting Hiroshima and its survivors, becoming the first sitting president to visit the site in history, trumping John Kerry’s’ visit last month. 

June 2016 sadly seen the deaths of 49 individuals in the devastating Orlando shooting and the next day would see Paris attacked once again with two police officers being  killed hours before the Eiffel Tower was to be  lit up in rainbow colours as a mark of solidarity and respect for the Orlando victims.  However in the east, victory was Iraq’s after the government regained control Fallujah, a town that was held captive at the hands of ISIS for months prior. June 2016 also witnessed a few  other positives including the election of Rome’s first female mayor. But It wasn’t long before it all went downhill again however with the UK voting for Brexit resulting in the prime Minister David Cameron, who backed to stay apart of the EU, retiring. Great job guys! 

July 2016 was a particular awful month as it became clear ISIS had a much stronger presence in the world the ever before with an increase of ISIS inspired terror attacks spreading throughout the east. Pathetically, Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to a mere 6 years behind bars for the murder of girlfriend Reeve Steemkamp in 2014 and the UK saw Theresa may become Prime Minister, the 2nd female to take the helm. Andy Murray won Wimbledon again making him the second player to win twice since Fred perry in 1936 but France was the victim of yet another terror attack, this time in Nice after a truck was driven through crowds lined up to celebrate Bastille day, killing 84 and injuring 200.  Japan witnessed its worst mass killing in decades after 19 disabled people were murdered and  to  end July 2016, ISIS held five people hostage in a church in Normandy, France, executing the priest on his altar. And if things couldn’t get worse, July also saw Pokemon go released. 

August 2016 did not provide any respite for the hideous evil acts of cowardly murders as another bomb went off in a hospital killing 11, this time in Yemen where a further two bombs destroyed a school and a food factory the week before.  In this month Russia launched an airstrike attack from Iran into Syria, blowing up two ISIS command posts along with 150 ISIS militants. August seen the United Nations announce that they were going to financially help  Haiti with their battle with cholera after the disease was introduced into the country by United Nations peacekeepers who travelled from Nepal where it is rife. Also , sadly an ISIS suicide bomber killed 50 people at a turkish wedding ceremony, making it Turkeys deadliest ISIS attack. To counter that however ISIS’ second in command leader was killed. 

September 2016 was no different either. The Syrian Government were suspects after chlorine Bomb was  dropped on Aleppo causing  100 people to be hospitalised and another Syrian cease-fire was called for but was soon over after an airstrike on a UN convoy carrying food and medical aid killing  20 people in the attack.  However, In other news Mother Theresa gained her sainthood naming her Saint Theresa. Go you Theresa! 

In October 2016, citizens and rebels of Aleppo were given eight hours to evacuate as Syrian forces and Russia forces paused attacks, the united nations approved the plans even though they had requested a 48 hour pause, Yemen however, saw a three-day cease-fire. The migrant camp ‘The Jungle’ in Cali, France was  dismantled this month due to poor conditions with the migrants being relocated to temporary housing units throughout France. Pakistan came under attack once again this year with a police training camp falling victim, killing 61 cadets and injuring 100. 

November 2016 saw Iraq army forces enter ISIS held town of  Mosul, for the first time in two years. In response ISIS kidnaps 300 citizens 47 miles west of Mosul, at this point the fate of the citizens was unknown, it was later shown that they were being used as human shields. Also, as of November 2016 3,940 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean sea to escape the raging wars in the east. And to top it of, Donald Trump went on to win the US president election, but that is another post you can read here.

December 2016 brought a very small gift of positivity as the control of the Syrian city of Aleppo was regained from ISIS by the Syrian Government for the first time in four years. Despite their efforts however, ISIS managed to regain control of another central location, Palmyra and the fight continues. ISIS also claimed responsibility for the very recent attacks on the  christmas market in Berlin, a copy cat attack of the awful truck incident that happened in France took 12 lives and injured many more. A Russian Ambassador was also shot and killed in turkey this month.  And to finish the year, actress Carrie fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds die just a day apart. They are the latest in the mass of celebrity deaths that have occurred periodically throughout the year of 2016. (You can read about them on some place else) 

So that is it. This train has reached its final destination. Please depart and enter 2017 with love, respect and kindness.  

Happy new year. 

* All information came from 2016 Current events . All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not represent the source used to gain information.



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