A Silly Review: The Super Bowl Show

So, it is over (sad face). The biggest, glitziest and most looked forward to sporting night has come to pass with The Patriots taking the winning title as the game came to an end in the NRG Stadium, Houston, Texas.

But that is not what I am here to discuss. I don’t even follow the game; the half time show is what caught my attention along with most other people.

Right from when it was announced that Lady Gaga was to join the list of legacy artists whom have sung their hearts out during the half time show, I was intrigued by what crazy performance she would conjure up- but to be frank I was slightly disappointed.I expected way more from a women who had dreamt of that moment since she was 4 years old.

However, I am just not too sure as to what exactly I did expect, something more ‘wow’ or breathtaking perhaps? . All I do know is that after her performance I was left wanting more. I wanted more of an aerial  performance for example, there was such a huge build up to her performing on the stadium roof that the one minuet she was up there  just was not enough.

I don’t know the logistics of the stunt or the hows and whys, but the dive from the roof to the stage  just felt a tad outdated and (dare I say) a little unimpressive with gaga looking nothing but awkward as she shimmied her way down.  The dancing was impressive though!  and her ability to sing ‘Million Reasons’ beautifully whilst out of breath was incredible, a true demonstration of her singing abilities and professionalism.  Although, I also feel a tad disappointed that Beyonce was not brought out during telephone, but it was never confirmed and Gaga said it herself that bey wouldn’t be joining her so why I feel disappointed, I don’t know. I guess we all got built up thinking it would one of those moments when your parents say you can’t have that toy but you end up unwrapping it on Christmas morn.

Anyway, that’s all. I enjoyed her performance but I would have liked more of a display. No shade but perhaps Gaga should leave the aerial stunts to the professionals such as P!nk, who can make a promise of spectacular and keep it.


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