Why Oh Why ?

When I was younger, “Why” was a crooked letter that couldn’t be straightened; connoting  it was a word that you shouldn’t really use too often. Now however, that very same word is the absolute basis of my future career. So, In recognition of that, I am going to answer a few why’s that surround this blog: 

Why are you doing this? 

I am doing this because this is a free practice run. I am testing my ability to write in different styles to suit different audiences, and test what topics are well received and which are ignored. 

Why are you writing on this platform?

I am using WordPress as a host for my blog as it is the one I was more familiar with at the time I started this blog. It is easy to use and it is efficient.

Why are you starting your blog now?

Well, it makes perfect sense. I am a 19 year old Journalism student who gets sucked into cliches just as much as you! 

Why didn’t you do it sooner?

I tried, but it failed miserably. I was too young, too inexperienced  and too pre-occupied to give a blog, the love it needs.   




Well. Here I sit, one year into my journey through university, and what a journey it is turning out to be. For those who do not know, I am studying Theatre at The University of Huddersfield, which is a great university in my eyes that has already churned out many memories for me to share at a later date. But for now… 

It was always the plan to head to university, that is a decision  I have never questioned. I knew exactly what I wanted to spend a sickening amount of money on also, or so I thought.

In the mind of my young naive self, I had it all planned out. I would complete my GCSE Drama, go onto study the subject that I so passionately liked at A level and then further my study at university. It would all go swimmingly because this was what I really, whole heartedly loved. Which is all true. My 16-year-old self did love it, so we followed our carefully crafted plan and we made it past GCSE and we got through our A level. We even managed to get to the university part which was all thrilling, until  life got in the way and my 19-year-old mind slowly and subtly began to change.

Now I have realised the fundamental flaw that my plan had, I did not want it.

I was enjoying it don’t get me wrong, I was having fun and I was good at it. In theory my plan was perfect But in reality I am not interested in theatre theorists, the history of theatre or Shakespeare to be honest. I have no desire to immerse my self in the subject, I wanted to just do it.

In my eyes however,  wanting to “just do it” isn’t enough to justify spending so much money on a degree, when you do not need a degree to do it.      

Many people tried to persuade me off my decision,  but I am not sure what exactly changed in my mind to make me realise that this isn’t for me, for myself. The experience of sitting in the lectures and having no interest but feeling guilty because I should have an interest? or was it the fact that all the way through high school I had not been on the stage during the school plays, but sat in the audience reporting and reviewing it?

 In the back of my mind I have always had a passion for writing. From the ages of 6 I was writing short stories, staying up late at night creating different worlds where my imaginative characters could dwell and then rushing to draw the front cover for my “book”. I thrived on bringing the adventure to life by  drawing the characters I had created.

In primary school I had a part in creating the schools first magazine, and then in High school I was apart of the schools  first newspaper, which in its second year went on to win an award. In year 12 I went to my local newspaper for two weeks for work experience and then before I had even started university, I had submitted my first piece of writing for T’hud magazine, my University’s student publication.

Maybe it was all of this that was occupying my mind while I should have been learning about the difference between theatre, drama and performance? and maybe that is why I am restarting my university adventure and changing my degree from Theatre to journalism. ;D 

I look forward to sharing my new experience here on this blog.