Blue Monday…

So Christmas has been and gone, the New Year party is over and now we are descending back down to bitter sweet reality. Back to work, back to education and back to normality. However, it’s never the fall that hurts us, it is the landing and January 16th provided the landing date for 2017, plunging us deep into Blue Monday; the saddest Day of the year.

According to The Telegraph, the year 2017 has seen the Bluest Monday of recent years due to “Trump and Brexit anxiety, and sadness following the recent deaths of childhood heroes such as George Michael and Carrie Fisher which reminded people of their own mortality” as well as the prospect of snow, ice, rain and the floods that notoriously batter Britain around January and February time.

Once the glitz and the glam of Christmas passes, what is really left except memories, a few extra pounds around our waist and a few less pounds in our pockets? The answer to that depends on your outlook on the New Year ahead, but even if you have the most exciting of things planned for the New Year, it’s hard to escape the sharp sting of Blue Monday which serves to remind us that we have begun once again.

But what can we do to combat this negative force of energy that is doomed to obliterate our positive, hopeful outlooks on the year ahead? You just get on with it. Don’t dwell on it, don’t think about it and don’t feed it with negativity. Lift your spirits, find something positive to look forward to and most importantly, Keep Calm and Carry On, it may be a Blue Monday but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday can be any colour you want.


Can you Youtube? Yes you can!

I am a  Journalism student: Check

I have my own blog: Check

I take “artsy” photos that don’t get shown and  just take up memory on my iPhone: Check

Well then, the only thing left to crack was Youtube! And how easy it was to crack! The editors suite is functional, basic and easy to follow and there is a wide variety of stock footage that can be used to create little.poitless videos (such as the one above), hours o fun to be had!

Obviously, you can go out and film your own footage that you can upload and turn into a “vlog” if you so wish, but the process is still just as simple. Drag, drop and edit. The non-lyrical music is provided for you, so you can add a bit of emotion via a soundtrack (Also so you can avoid those hefty licence fees).

Zoella and co move over! is  virtualy on the way!