The Midnight Girls.

They say a picture is a thousand words, but for the women in this picture,  it is a way of life.

Being one of Huddersfield darkest secrets, the girls of the so called “red light district” work a very public night shift. I live on Ray Street, and  I feel sympathy for the girls who walk up and down Great northern street, risking their lives daily, flaunting what little they have to catch the eye of a passer by.

I can only guess as to how they ended up at this point in their lives. Guess as to what dark force is over them making them do what ever it takes to have a little more.   

And this way of life is increasing, more and more girls join the street each week. Last week there was seven ladies of the night scattered along the street as I drove past on my way home.

In June 2016, two men were arrested for the rape and assault of two sex workers. But still, the girls continue to work.

But why? Where is the help and protection for these girls?.

This is not new news to Huddersfield, people just ignore it. So why is it not in the news more often and why is nothing being done?